Technical Specifications


Mixed structure, with a concrete and metal structure, central core.


Two towers, each with a ground floor and 30 floors, with retail spaces on the ground floor.

The North Tower has a helipad with a capacity of 18t and a Sky Lobby.

Amenities building comprised of a convention center, restaurants and a cafeteria.

Technical Building comprised of 5 floors, with the electrical power entry point, power generation plant, the central air conditioning unit and other equipment.

Lobby with ceiling height of 12 m and 2,90 m free on a typical floor.

The floors have a variable area of between 1.805 m² and 2.570 m² (BOMA). The total land area of the development is 38.000 m², of which 9.600 m² is permeable, making a total of 19.000 m² of green area.


The development offers the possibility of internal access between floors occupied by the same company.

Tenants have the option of setting up full-service* kitchen with its own extractor fan, considered a substantial differential in today’s market.

*Only available on selected floors.


First Core and Shell project in Brazil with LEED Platinum 3.0 precertification. Complies with the highest sustainability requisites for constructions, according to U. S. Green Building Council – the US certification body for sustainable buildings – through the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) stamp.


Basic Conception of the Systems – Air conditioning system using indirect expansion (chilled water) with water condensation and variable air distribution (VAV) though the ceiling, allowing for division by thermal zones (facades and internal zones). Includes return air quality control (CO²) sensor.

Thermal Capacity – 2.000 TR per tower and 200 TR for the Amenities and rooms where people stay in the basements.


Capacity – 34,5 KV medium voltage feed, with transformation of 380 V and 8,5 MW of capacity.

Electricity Generation Plant – Self-sufficient generation comprised of four 2-MW generators, one diesel and three gas-powered.


Designed to have the lowest water consumption, a large quantity of water is saved by using conservation devices and by collecting and re-using waste water, rain water and condensation water from the air conditioning system. This strategic combination means a substantial reduction in sanitary and rainfall sewage, in addition to reducing the need to purchase drinking water.

Drinking Water Reservoirs – Capacity of 200 m³ per tower, representing approximately two days’ supply.

Fire Reservoir – Technical reserve capacity of 370 m³.

Water for re-use – To be used for irrigation and in the air conditioning system, as well as for washing down the common areas.

Sewage System – Conventional and vacuum for greater flexibility when leasing and in the number of restrooms.


Total of 60 high-performance elevators and 2 pairs of escalators.

For each Tower – 18 passenger elevators with early call system (6 for each zone – lower, middle and upper), with 2 VIP elevators per zone, plus 2 freight elevators, and 1 elevator and 1 pair of escalators for the mezzanine floors.

For the North Tower – 1 passenger elevator to access the helipad, transferring from the 28th floor.

For Access from the Parking Areas to the Ground Floor – 12 passenger and 2 freight elevators.

For the Amenities – 2 freight elevators.

For the Technical Building – 1 freight elevator.


Property – Security hubs with CCTV system, very high standard cameras, intelligent access and a trained surveillance team with 24-hour communication.

Fire Protection – Modern alarm system, smoke detectors, emergency stairs, fire hydrants and extinguishers, smoke extractors on the floor and in the basements, in-house fire brigade and a direct telephone line to the Fire Service.


Full BMS (Building Management System): intelligent building management system with access control linked to elevator calls and individual metering system for electricity and water.


4,184 spaces for cars, plus 225 spaces for low pollutant emitting and low energy consumption vehicles, 760 spaces for motorcycles and 63 spaces for bicycles.

14 spaces for chartered buses, 51 exclusive spaces for taxis on the ground floor and 13 spaces for loading and unloading in the loading docks.

1 Parking Space/29 m² of Floor Area (BOMA).


Connectivity – Wireless system in the common areas with exclusive applications.

Telephony – Infrastructure for central telephone exchanges, infrastructure for fiber optic conductors, access to different telecom